Avoid Scams and Fraud

Online shoppers are exposed to a risk of scams and fraud, therefore, they always need to be mindful and vigilant before submitting their personal information and when they are sending payments. Our goal is to provide a safe way for our investors when they purchase their desired Real Estate property on our Vave's website while we are working on excluding all sorts of frauds and scams. As we are doing our best to keep our investors safe, scammers are doing their best to scam users in different ways and that's why it is very important to be careful whom you respond to messages, emails, etc. It is strongly advised to only chat with Vave's verified team members, together we can prevent fraudulent activities and scams. Be aware, we do not participate in any rental transactions and therefore we cannot refund your money if you are being scammed, our team is constantly working towards bringing you a positive experience on our website, but we cannot guarantee that our sites are 100% free from false or fraudulent listings.

What We Do

- We ask our managers to verify their KYC before they list their property on our website; - We warn our users when they are viewing unverified properties on our website; - Instantly removing and deleting submitted properties that are not appropriate or suspicious;

What We Ask You to Do

1. Low/unreasonable rents: Scammers will try to raise funds by offering extremely low rent prices that don't make any sense and if you see one you should contact the seller and ask a reason for such price, investigate the area or report it.

2. OTC payments: You may get a lot of messages for sending money OTC (over the counter) for a specific property, scammers may try to imitate the manager's profile and copy their personal information. The best way to protect is to delete the messages and report their profile.

3. False bargain: Scammers may say in their property title that they are moving somewhere because of a job or family and therefore they are selling the property ASAP, a lot of the times those stories are not true and they are good for creating a FOMO "fear of missing out".

4. Managers won't meet in person: Every customer has the right to ask for more info about the property they are investing in and the best way to do that is to meet in person or to have a video visit. If managers are not agreeing to do that then there is something suspicious about it and you should stay away from it.

How to get in touch with us for fraudulent properties?

- Email us at bonjour@vave.io - Schedule a call with us at https://calendly.com/vave

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