Checklist: Visiting the Property


Date of the visit:


Before visiting the object

Who is your contact

What is his telephone number

Request plans and the sales file relating to the property

What are the reasons for selling the property?

Is the property rented? If so, ask for the rental lease

What is the annual annuity rate?

Post a similar ad on rental sites to verify tenant appeal and confirm potential rental price

Position of the property

Does the apartment face a quiet or on the contrary very busy street?

Is it located below or next to a professional room. IF yes, what trade is it? In the presence of a bar, a laundry or a restaurant, risks of nuisance (noise, olfactory …) are to be feared

Is the road network good? How far is the next bus station / train station?

How far is the highway? How heavy is the traffic at rush hour?

How is the situation in schools and kindergartens? Is the road to school long? Is he sure?

Are the possibilities for shopping sufficient? How far away are the shops?

Are there possibilities to practice a sporting activity, to participate in cultural life (associations, cinema, etc.)?

Is medical coverage provided in the locality (pharmacy, doctors, etc.)?

What are the town planning projects for the neighborhood? Creating a park will enhance your apartment, but creating a fast food or sex shop could make it more difficult to resell.

Is it easy to park? Does the apartment have one or more parking space (s)? Are they common or private

Rental potential

Where is the property located in the municipality? (Away, in the center, sunny, quiet place, etc.)

What view do we have of the accommodation? Are there any plans to build buildings that might block your view? (Ask the municipality)

Are there any plans to build streets, railways or industrial buildings nearby? (Ask the municipality)

Are the neighboring land for construction or agricultural?

Neighborhood: Are the neighbors elderly or young couples with children?

Are there enough parking spaces or is there a garage?

How is access to real estate, its entry?

What is the area (in m²) of the land around the property? Does it require care?

Could the land have been contaminated? (Ask the municipality)

Is the land encumbered with easements (for example right of way, right of use)? (Ask at the land register)

Property – General

Does the accommodation conform to what was indicated in the advertisement (price, floor, dimensions, etc.)?

What is its year of construction?

What floor is it located on (apartments on the ground floor are more prone to burglaries).

Roof condition?

What condition is the substance of the building in? (Seek advice from a Vave specialist.)

Are there traces of humidity (odors, mold, stains on the walls or on the ceiling)?

Interior walls: Are they massive? Are there traces of moisture

Are the floors (parquet, tiles, carpet) in good condition? Are they suitable for the rooms in which they have been installed (water rooms, living rooms)?

Are the floors uneven? If so, the solidity of the frame should be checked.

What coatings cover the floors and walls of the water features?

What are the dimensions of the kitchen worktop?

Is the entrance door armored (three-point lock classified APSSAD 2)?

Do you have enough space and the necessary connections to install a washing machine and dishwasher?

Does the sale include a private cellar and / or a parking space?

What condition are the cellars in? Is it excessively wet?

Heating: What type of heating do we use? How old are the installation and radiators?

Have any harmful building materials, such as asbestos, been used? (Important point when it comes to old constructions, ask a specialist.)

Living area (m²)? Number of pieces?

How are the rooms distributed?

Are there a lot of “lost” m² (corridors, stairs)?

What are the dimensions and height of the rooms? Can you install your furniture there?

Attic: Can we convert it? To get more living space?

Cellar: Does it offer potential and for example the possibility of setting up a room in which to practice hobbies? Is there a laundry room?

Is it possible to remove or add partitions?

What arrangements can you take back at the time of purchase?

Does it have a balcony or terrace?

Does the apartment have sufficient storage (cupboards, dressing room)? Don’t hesitate to open them to see what’s behind them.

Is it possible to knock down partitions to save space (identify load-bearing walls)?

Is the property subject to certain obligations? Is it part of the cultural heritage (historical monument)?

Propri e t e – Brightness

Is the property well lit? Are there enough windows?

Are the windows made of wood or synthetic material? Do they close tightly? Are they double glazed?

Is the accommodation bright (a high floor will be more bright than a ground floor)? How is the accommodation oriented?

What condition are the windows in? How many are there?

Does the bathroom have a window?

Is there a vis-à-vis (if it is considerable, you can use it as an argument to renegotiate the price of the apartment but in case of resale, you will be opposed)

Are one or more rooms without them (“blind” rooms)?

Property – Kitchen and Sanitary

In what condition are the water parts (kitchen, bathroom) and their equipment (sinks, taps, bath, shower, sinks)?

Are the shower and bathtub equipped with a thermostatic mixer or traditional taps?

What coatings cover the floors and walls of the water features?

What are the dimensions of the kitchen worktop?

Does the arrangement of the kitchen units allow you to move around easily?

What is the condition of the plumbing (turn on the taps to check that the water is flowing)?

Do you have enough space and the necessary connections to install a washing machine and dishwasher?

Are the toilets separate?

Does the bathroom have a window?

Is the ventilation of the kitchen, bathroom and WC adequate? Is moisture present?

How is domestic hot water (DHW) produced?

If it comes from a balloon, is the capacity of the balloon suitable for your needs?

How much was the water bill of the vendor (s)?

Property – Insulation

Are windows and patio doors fitted with double glazing? Otherwise, thermal and acoustic comfort will be less.

Are they airtight? Are there shutters?

Are the walls well insulated?

What score did the apartment obtain at the end of the DPE (“Energy Performance Diagnosis”? An “A” indicates a very thermally efficient housing while a “G” indicates that it is very “energy-intensive” and that a thermal rehabilitation would be welcome FYI, the DPE is mandatory since July 1, 2007 in the event of the sale of old property or delivery of new housing.

Property – Electrical installation

How many electrical outlets and switches are there?

Where are they placed?

Does the electrical installation comply with standard NF C 15-100?

What does the electrical diagnosis indicate (compulsory for homes over 15 years old)?

Is the lighting sufficient?

Electrical, telephone and television connections: Are there enough and are they placed in the right places?

Property – Heating

What type of heating is the home equipped with? Collective, individual, underfloor heating?

What state is the boiler in? Is it also used for the production of domestic hot water?

How many radiators are there?

What type are they and where are they placed?

If they are electric heaters, are they convectors, radiant panels or inertia heaters?

Does the accommodation have a fireplace? If so, is it working and is it up to standard?

How much were, on average, the heating bills of the vendor (s)?

Ownership – Ventilation

Is the apartment properly ventilated (traces of mold or presence of humidity)?

Is it natural or mechanical ventilation?

Is condensation visible on the windows (a sign of insufficient ventilation and damp housing)?

Are the air extraction and air intake vents in good condition?


What is the amount before negotiation?

What is the post-trade amount? (do not hesitate to surprise the owner with a very low offer in order to go up a bit and find common ground)

What is the tax rate?

What is the amount of the co-ownership charges (caretaker, collective heating, lift, maintenance of common areas, etc.)?

What work should be planned (facelifting of the facade, repairing the roof, etc.)?

Notary fees

Agency committees

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