FAQ Members

  1. How often do I receive my dividends? You can cash out your dividends at any time, based on successful fundraising. A minority of projects, however, require a later distribution date, communicated accordingly. You can track and withdraw your dividends from your Vave profile.

  2. What are the payment methods? You will pay for your tokens via Paypal, Credit card, Crypto-actives or Transfer to the partner notarial firm "Alpha Notaires" (or in some cases the notary assigned by the property manager carrying the transaction) who will secure your deposit over the duration of the Fundraiser.

  3. In the event of a resale of its tokens, what is the resale price based on? The token price will be based on supply and demand on decentralized trading platforms allowing international trading of tokens.

  4. In the event of a resale of its tokens, are there any costs? There are blockchain fees (paltry) and platform maintenance fees (minimal%).

  5. In the case of a purchase requiring renovation or work, who is responsible for the execution, site monitoring and payment? The property manager carrying the project or the architect, the costs are the responsibility of the SAS carrying the property and managed by the Property Manager.

  6. If the tenant terminates, how does the rent-free step go, who handles this situation? The Real Estate Manager's mission is to find a new tenant as soon as possible.

  7. The yield of + 9% sometimes mentioned does not include the added value of the property on resale? The yield mentioned represents your annual dividends, the real estate asset that you have bought can lose or gain in value on the exchanges.

  8. Am I liable if my co-token holders are linked to fraudulent activity? No fraudulent activity is accepted and we ensure the careful verification of each file. You are not responsible for the activities of your associates as stipulated in the articles of association that you have signed or will have to sign as a token holder.

  9. What is the role of property managers? A real estate manager is an individual or a company that allows you to have nothing to manage on your real estate investments. He finds, shares and manages property like a real estate agent with no training required. Vave is a social network allowing you to follow the investment activities of real estate managers privately.

  10. Why do I have to be accepted into the network of a real estate manager to participate? Vave is a private club deals platform, therefore the projects presented can only be opened to members of the manager's network.

  11. What are my risks when investing? The goal of the Vave team is to make a careful selection of different projects to make sure that you only invest in quality programs. However, any investment involves risks, we have listed for you the risks that you bear as an investor:

    RENTAL RISK An extended vacancy of one or more lots would reduce the return on the investment.

    WORK RISK During the duration of the project, unscheduled work may need to be carried out

    INSURANCE RISK The insurance taken out could not fully cover damage to the property.

    CASH RISK The available cash could be insufficient to meet the commitments.

    REAL ESTATE RISK The total or partial destruction of the building could cause a loss of the investment.

    LIQUIDITY RISK A partner wishing to sell his tokens may not find a buyer.

  12. What is the tax for this type of income? In France, since January 1, 2018, dividends received by a taxpayer are automatically taxed at the single flat-rate deduction of 30% (“flat tax”). Vave is therefore required to withhold this 30% withholding tax at source and remit it to the State. This deduction is in full discharge and the amount of the net dividend received by the investor will be net of tax.

    However, the investor can request, on express option, the taxation of his dividends at the progressive scale of income tax, which may prove to be interesting for a taxpayer taxed at the first brackets of the tax scale. on income. Arbitration will have to be made by the investor in this regard.

    Non-French participants are invited to do their own research in their respective countries.

  13. Is it possible to lose more than your investment? No, by investing through a simplified joint stock company, you cannot lose more than the amount invested. The liability of SAS partners is limited to their respective contributions.

  14. Can a company invest? Yes, it must then provide different documents: identity document of the manager, a Kbis dated less than 3 months, as well as the identification documents of the partners holding more than 10% of the company. Contact us for more information.

  15. How to sell the property or its tokens? Each partner will have the possibility at any time to sell the tokens he holds in accordance with the terms provided for in the company's articles of association. The sale of the property will be decided by the majority of the partners.

  16. What does the words "Certificate of deposit" that I see at the bottom of my profile page mean? This means that you can deposit funds into your Vave account, and while they are deposited they will be considered temporary EGG purchases that will help you invest in real estate with an exclusive discount. Your funds are withdrawn in Fiat (€ / $…) or in crypto-assets.

  17. When can I cash out my first dividends? You can cash out your dividends whenever you like, we offer dividends payouts in PayPal, Wire Transfer and Crypto (ETH).

FAQ Managers

  1. What remuneration will I get as a real estate manager? As a Real Estate Manager, you benefit from 10% of the tokens of the SAS that you will chair and which will carry the real estate property (s) for which you have successfully funded within the platform

    Activities listed below:

    • Prospecting

    • Purchase proposal

    • Signature of the promise

    • Creation of SAS

    • Representation of the airlock with third parties

    • Signature of acts

    • Find a tenant

    • Asset management after acquisition.

  2. How are the tokens of each SAS company (holding properties) divided? The distribution of tokens (in%) is as follows:

    • Investors: 87.5% to 88.5%

    • Manager: 10%

    • Sponsor N + 1 Manager: 0.5%

    • Sponsor N + 2 Manager: 0.3%

    • Sponsor N + 3 Manager: 0.2%

    • Sponsor N + 4 Manager: 0.1%

    • Vave: 1.4% to 2.4%

  3. How is the rental of the property managed? Vave advises you to opt for the following solutions:

    • Either the manager opts for direct rental management. All the steps will be explained to them on their dashboard within the Vave.io platform.

    • Either he calls on a Property Administrator (the latter can be recommended by Vave)

    Reminder: The property manager receives the rents and will pay all charges. It will distribute the rents through the blockchain on a safe, to which each shareholder (represented by tokens) will have access according to their initial investment.

  4. Can I start the opportunity before setting up my business? Yes, you can start the opportunity by registering on Vave.io and following the steps on your profile. It is at the end of your first fundraising materialized on Vave that you will have to launch the creation of the SAS as Manager.

  5. How can I access training sessions? Vave proposes managers weekly sessions, on which you are invited to join through the following link: https://vave.io/webinar-founder

  6. If I offer a property for which I have a sales mandate, how do I go about buying myself via an SAS company? If you have a sales mandate, you can be an acquirer and initiate the process as specified in the previous questions. There is no incompatibility of law.

  7. Can I give notaries powers of attorney to avoid being seen on the sale and purchase part (to avoid any conflict of interest)? There could be a ban if it were written on the warrant. Most of the time, this is not the case. Regarding your co-investors, it is recommended to be transparent. It's not that one of them feels cheated by some maneuver.

  8. If I invite friends, how many levels are there in the Vave Affiliate Opportunity?

    You can invite and affiliate your friends to join your network of real estate managers on the following levels: You benefit from:

    • 5% of the income of your affiliates at level 1,

    • 3% of the income of your affiliates at level 2,

    • 2% of the income of your affiliates at level 3,

    • 1% of the income of your affiliates at level 4,

  9. What is the cost of creating the SAS company? The cost is € 500 including taxes (notaries + registry fees + legal notice) and can be paid after your first crowdfunding.

  10. How can I follow the report of the projects I started on the platform? How can I follow the report of the projects I started on the platform?

    The monitoring of your dividends will be done via your profile as well, on which you can follow their evolution and request your withdrawal as soon as you wish.

  11. What are Vave.io prospecting tools? A suite of free tools offered by Vave, that will help you to display all real estate classified ads sites properties into one excel sheet and find the estimated profitability rate for each listed property.

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